10 Foods for Long Term Storage

It is TEOTWAWKI and the zombies are coming. You've barricaded yourself and your family into your house and it's been about a week long bug in so far. You have ingeniously surrounded your home with treadmills on high speed to stop the zombies getting in (they're hooked up to your solar roof panels). You're safe but hungry.


Tinctures, Decoctions & Infusions

An Infusion is a fancy way of saying a cup of tea. Sometimes I may use the word Decoction which is a triple strength tea usually steeped for a lot longer or warmed in a slow cooker.  A Tincture is a way of removing the oils from the herb over approximately 2 weeks using the highest proof you can find at a local liquor store.

Herbal Highlight – Echinacea

Echinacea Flower

Echinacea is well known for it's ability to fight upper respiratory infections such as cold and flu. It is non-toxic and can increase the body's resistance to infections and also improve recovery from bacterial, fungal and viral infections.